About Mossel Bay Business Chamber

Building Community and Supporting Business


Seeing YOUR Business thrive is our main focus.

The Mossel Bay Business Chamber is an independent non-profit organisation comprised of Business Men and Women who are working hard to facilitate Economic Growth and Development in Mossel Bay.

The Business Chamber provides the Local Business Community with Training Programs, Networking Opportunities and Events, Business Support, Initiatives and more that address every aspect of Business Development.

As a member you are able to participate with other Business Leaders committed to Economic Growth in Mossel Bay, creating Healthy Communities and Quality Jobs for our citizens. We are Your Partner for success and together we will build an even stronger Business Community.


The Mossel Bay Business Chamber’s Objectives

The Mossel Bay Business Chamber aims to position ourselves as the authoritative voice on issues relevant to Economic Growth and Development in Mossel Bay.

We shall strive to do this by:

  • Providing beneficial services in order to fully satisfy the identified needs of our Members.
  • Initiating and Facilitating Key Projects that will act as Catalysts for Economic Growth, with a Focus on Skills and Infrastructure Development.

Our Mission

Our vision is to be a Leading and Dynamic Business Chamber contributing effectively to the Economic Growth of Mossel Bay.

Our Vision

The Mossel Bay Business Chamber is committed to Economic Development and to being Proactive and Responsive to the needs of its Members.


Investing in YOUR Business.

When diaries overflow, and times are tough financially, some Business Personages may question the value of belonging to the many Organisations and Associations that exist.

Mossel Bay Business Chamber is part of a global network of Business Chambers that provide Businesses with a platform for Collective Action far more Powerful than one Person or Business acting alone.

The Business Chamber wants to see Your Business Grow.

  • Our core focus is on the Interests of Business in Mossel Bay.
  • We answer hundreds of phone calls, emails and letters from Potential Investors, Journalists, Foreign Delegations, and Business Personages that are asking questions about the Business and Investment Environment in Mossel Bay.
  • We speak up on behalf of Business with Government Leaders about Infrastructure, Legislation, Regulations, Incentives and other issues that can help or hinder the Business Environment.
  • We coordinate the Talents of Local Business Leaders in shaping the Business and Industrial Landscape in Mossel Bay, and jointly tackle Critical issues such as Crime, Business and Work Skills as well as HIV/Aids.
  • We offer a hub of Information, Independent Advice and Expert Referrals for Small Businesses.
  • We provide a neutral platform for Businesses to Share Ideas, Raise Concerns and Solve Problems.
  • We offer a range of Services specifically geared to Provide Opportunities for Networking, Learning, and Promoting your business.


Meet our Executive Committee

The Mossel Bay Business Chamber’s Executive Committee comprises of 11 members that are nominated from within the Chamber Membership and represents Mossel Bay’s Successful, Progressive and Diverse Business Community.

The Executive Committee of the Mossel Bay Business Chamber meets on a regular basis with the objective of directing policy and the affairs of the Business chamber. Elected members serve in this position for a year, after which a re-election of a new Executive Committee for the Chamber Of Commerce takes place.

Our Committee members represent the Following Business Interests: Services and Legal Matters, Manufacturing and Industries, Communication, Local Authority, Security and Transport, Sport, Tourism and Marketing, Business, Construction and Property.

Chairman: Dr Paul Kruger
Vice Chairman: Jan van Deventer – Business Representative
Secretary: Kelly Fourie-Barnard – Legal
Admin Office: Jeanetta Marais & Anina Jacobs
Nico Marais – Legal Assistance
Marika Thomatos – Tourism
Johan Claassen – Business and projects
Fanus Truter - Financial and business representative
Albert Wiffen – Business representative
Johan Nel – Business representative
Rds Marie de Klerk – Municipal Liaison
Mika Lutchman – Legal Assistance
Hennie Burger – Business representative