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Generating Growth

Providing the tools YOU need to GROW your Business

Taking Action

Fostering INNOVATIVE ideas and balanced SOLUTIONS

Connecting Members

Introducing Members to a NETWORK filled with POTENTIAL

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The Mossel Bay Business Chamber was established to Promote Commerce, Trade and Industry in Mossel Bay. We provide Connections, Resources and Solutions to help Your Businesses thrive.

We serve as a Vital Point of Contact for Local Businesses that need to address issues through the combined strength of the Business Chamber. The Mossel Bay Business Chamber is mindful to not take sides on matters that in some cases separate the business community; but we work towards providing unobstructed, transparent and unbiased information, so that fully informed Assessments of the Issues can be made.

We offer a wide range of value-adding services to both the Business Chamber Members and the Public. The Chamber also offers a variety of Networking Events throughout the year that provides Members with the opportunity to Connect with others in the Local Business Community.

Generating Growth

We work to provide Businesses large and small with the tools they need to expand and grow in order to create a better quality of life for everyone in our community. We help them create jobs and invest in our region because job creation makes a thriving economy.

  •  Business Support and Training

    A wide range of seminars and training courses are offered by the Mossel Bay Business Chamber to provide training and vital information to businesses.

  •  International Trade Support

    The Mossel Bay Business Chamber offers details and information on certain components of importing as well as exporting which is an essential and all-inclusive service. International Contacts, certificates of origin, letters of introduction, and international trade information.

  •  Membership Certificate

    Membership of a credible business organisation is a valuable business tool. All Mossel Bay Business Chamber members receive a membership certificate and decal, and may request a letter of introduction from the Chamber.

  •  Meeting Rooms for Hire

    The Mossel Bay Business Chamber has various meeting rooms available for Hire to Chamber Members at special rates.

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Taking Action

We advocate for business and work with community partners in order to foster innovative ideas and balanced solutions that will help our region thrive and we act in support of those innovative ideas to ensure the success of our Economy.

  •   SME Helpdesk

    Computer Facilities, Professional Business Advice and Information on starting, Financing and Growing Your Business, Training designed for both new- and more established businesses as well as a mentorship programme.

  •   Monthly Newsletter

    The monthly e-newsletter is a must-read for Mossel Bay Business Chamber members, summarising recent developments, opportunities and essential information. The monthly SACCI Business Confidence Index offers subscribers current, locally relevant business intelligence to support informed decision-making.

  •   Human Resources

    The Mossel Bay Business Chamber is always ready to guide and assist Chamber Members who require Guidance, Assistance and Information on Employment, Labour Problems as well as Legislations related to Education and Training.

  •   Professional Business Advice

    The Mossel Bay Business Chamber is enabled to provide its Members with details and information on numerous business matters including Industrial Relations, BBBEEE, Staff Training, Transportation and more.

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Connecting Members

We help our members grow their businesses through opportunities to increase brand visibility, improve their skills as owners and introduce our members to a network of potential clients and partners with whom they can build a relationship.

  •   Networking and Building Business Contacts

    Networking opportunities at regular business seminars and member events, with preferential rates for Mossel Bay Business Chamber members. Meet business leaders, learn from best practice, and make vital connections to grow your business.

  •   Referrals (Business/Sales) and Advertising

    Listing of your Business in the online Business Directory, Advertising on the Mossel Bay Chamber website and in the Chamber's e-newsletter. For Mossel Bay Business Chamber members there are discounted rates.

  •   Conferences and Major Events

    The Mossel Bay Business Chamber hosts a number of Major Events and Conferences to which the Chamber Members are invited. They can meet Leaders in the Business industry, thus they build on their business connections.

  •   Member Forum

    The Chamber Forum enables Members to Engage with each other and the Relevant Government Authorities on a Neutral Platform to jointly pursue mutual Goals.

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