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Commercial Products

Mossel Bay Business Chamber Icon  Combo Sign (PTY) LTD

The business of this organization is to render sophisticated, standard, information systems to local authorities throughout South Africa, thereby increasing investment in the city and increasing the success of the business sector by the exposure to the travelling public of these systems.  Combo Sign continuously strives to improve the systems to the benefit of the community at large.

  Andre Nortje
  083 229 9543
Advertising & BrandingCommercial ProductsDesign & Print

Mossel Bay Business Chamber Icon  Mosstrich / SCOT

Mosstrich is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly exotic leather tanneries in the world. We specialize in the Slaughter of ostriches and game, processing, cutting and packaging of ostrich and game meat for export and local market and the Tanning of ostrich and crocodile leather for export and local market.

  Francois de Wet
  044 696 4500
Commercial ProductsFood & Restaurants