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General Services

Mossel Bay Business Chamber Icon  On Tap Mossel Bay

ON TAP Mossel Bay is a well-known nationally respected plumbing wholesaler and plumbing retailer. ON TAP is committed to providing both professionals in the industry and the public at large with FAST, FRIENDLY and EFFICIENT service. We offer exclusive product ranges and professional plumbing supplies, as well as bathroom, sanitary, kitchen, paint and plumbing supplies.

  Petrisna Lohr-Mietzner
  044 695 0956
General ServicesHome ImprovementLife & HomeRetail

Mossel Bay Business Chamber Icon  F&A Airconditioning Mossel Bay

Air conditioning & Ventilation Contractor. Our products and services cover commercial, residential and office air conditioning. F&A Airconditioning offers a wide range of available air conditioning, from the smallest wall/window unit to split units and ducted systems. We are able to recommend the right equipment to suit any budget.

  Craig Jenkerson
  044 695 1252
General ServicesLife & Home