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Mossel Bay Business Chamber Icon  UDC (Ultimate Distribution Company)

Ultimate Distribution Company as established distribution company, holds the objective of the number one referred distributor of affordable products and appliances, both for domestic and industrial clients, at the best possible prices and quality guaranteed, by keeping its overheads to the minimum whilst operating as a trustworthy online company.

  Lucinda Viljoen
  082 66 33 529
DistributionIndustrial ProductsOil & Gas

Mossel Bay Business Chamber Icon  Udlamko Safety Consultancy (PTY) Ltd

Udlamko Safety Consultancy develops and implements SHE (Safety, Health and Environmental) Quality Business Management Systems refer to as the SHEQ. We also develop and implement Emergency Preparedness/Response Plans to businesses, pre-schools, etc. We further assist contractors with Safety Plans/Files, Induction Training, Inspections, Visits and Audits. 

  Simon Adams
  071 210 0303
Health & SafetyProfessional Services