JM Accountants

JM Accountants

Co-Mind Coworking Space, 14 Church Street, CBD, Mossel Bay


Accounting, Tax, Business Consulting, Cloud Accounting

  • Quality and informed business decisions rely on accurate and up-to-date financial statements, i.e. Budgets, Tax-Planning, Cashflow, Strategic Planning, etc.
  • Traditionally, clients and their accountants are so busy finalising historic information and submitting statutory returns, that there is little to no time to use the financial information to make informed & proactive business decisions.
  • JM Accountants have the experience, expertise & futuristic insights to recommend systems that ensure critical accounting information is a click away.
  • Once these systems are in place, the collaboration between Client + JM Accountants become productive, with dynamic conversations that lead to overall business improvements.
  • In our experience, it’s the combined effort and responsibility of the Client (1) + JM Accountants (1) that adds immense Value


Contact Person: Jaco Myburgh


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