Resource Complete

Resource Complete

23 Hendrik van Eck Boulevard, Vanderbijlpark


We facilitate the supply and demand of human resources by providing a Global Sourcing Management Platform whereby the Suppliers (our Resources on our Management Platform) and our Clients (the businesses on our Management Platform) subscribe and engage to match vetted, career and goal-oriented domain experts to the immediate services our Clients need.

Resource Complete provides Human Capital Resource Solutions and Services via our Global Sourcing Management Platform to support our Clients, who are both the companies and the human capital resources in our closed network of domain experts, giving them the flexibility of choice to render and receive services as and when desired to support long-term sustainable global business growth.

We achieve this through our unique sourcing Management Platform process. The process provides Fit-For-Purpose staff to job functions. We are committed to providing a support structure to our Resources and Clients that aims to develop, train and educate to improve well-being in life and business. We serve a wide range of industries, and our purpose is to help others through the development of exceptional talent that matches the needs and cultures of the businesses we serve.


Contact Person: Arno von Mansberg