Entrepreneur’s Attitude BUILD or RUIN Enterprise

Do you think it’s the business owner who is responsible for success and downfalls? Some might be thinking that not only his/her attitude but other factors too work upon that. I agree, but 90% of the result is due to an entrepreneur’s attitude and dedication towards the work. Competitors might be succeeding and your business might be running at a low speed. Why is it happening? Is it because, you are lacking some qualities? Should  your attitude be blamed?  Is it taking your business to a dead end? Analyze yourself prior to analyzing your system and staff.

Right from the day an idea strikes an entrepreneur’s’ mind, the work starts. Briefing the idea, creating strategies and gathering funds is what the initial steps should be. You can only get it right with the right attitude.

Let us see what those crucial factors are that affect the business severely!


Dissatisfied entrepreneurs always tries to achieve great heights in their business. The dissatisfaction in the mind makes them stronger to gear up themselves towards new peaks. It is the attitude that makes their roadmap to success easy and fruitful. But if the dissatisfaction is affected by other factors like the employee behavior, workflow or any other aspect, it might even dismantle the created empire.


“Dedication is the key to success”. This is an ancient belief that helps entrepreneurs to build and grow their business. Business owners must know their startup business needs and they must be highly dedicated to accept challenges no matter how difficult it would be. If they are not prepared for the worst case scenario, they cannot prepare themselves to defeat the competitors, which would result in a failure. A thorough analysis of the situation will give them the right envision that will help them formulate an unbeatable business solution.


Confidence can make anything possible. It can take an enterprise to new heights. Overconfidence may block the success path. Entrepreneurs seeking success need to make mistakes, learn from the situations and gain experience. This way they could build the confidence to manage the functioning of the enterprise. The crucial decisions taken by the entrepreneurs are not 100% correct every time; it is possible that the result might be unexpected or undesirable. Confidence more than required brings disasters too.


Every employee expects a professional yet friendly  behavior from his/her boss, trust me, it’s their secret desire! The entrepreneurs need to be very smart to understand the situation and react accordingly. Taking employees’ psychology seriously, a strong and reliable company culture can be created to make the work atmosphere inspiring. If the entrepreneur behavior and attitude is unpleasant, chances are that you might lose valuable customers or your loyal employees might even transit from your enterprise.


Optimism refers to being positive. Every entrepreneur, be it an owner of a small startup or a big company, is expected to have optimistic attitude. This will make them better entrepreneurs having thorough business insights. Practicing optimism will help the business owners to take the right decisions once they analyze the situation completely and implement it at the right time span. There might be situation where just a single small mistake would affect the business severely. Thus, an optimistic entrepreneur never differentiate any situation as weak or strong, they believe in making the solution strong that can beat the challenges with best returns.