Do I need a separate membership for every business I own?

Yes. The annual membership fee is applicable for every business you own.

When is the yearly membership renewal date

Membership fees are due in January every year.

Is the membership fee prorated if I join after the yearly renewal month?

No. Your full first year membership fee applies when you join, regardless of the month you join, except if you join in December.

Does my staff count as "members" when attending functions?

Yes. Guest tariffs apply only if you bring non-members to functions.


I am not receiving the newsletters or emails.

It is likely that your service provider (where your email is hosted) is blocking our newsletters and emails as “spam”. Add the website email address: updates@mosselbaychamber.co.za at your service provider as “whitelisted”. For more information on how to do this, please contact your email service provider.

How do I get the newsletters?

You can add your email address to our distribution list for newsletters and updates, by adding it in the “GET OUR NEWS” field in the footer of the website, and clicking “Subscribe”


How do I update my business listing on the website?

In order to update your listing on the website, you need to be registered as a member on the website platform.

  1. On the “MY ACCOUNT” menu item, click on “Manage Listing” (or click on this link: https://mosselbaychamber.co.za/my-account/ )
  2. Click on “EDIT” in the table next to your listing.
  3. Once you have updated all the information on the listing, click on “Save Post” button at the bottom of the page

What are the best dimensions for my logo or image in the listing?

An aspect ratio of 4:3 is recommended. We recommend a size of 800 pixels by 600 pixels.

Please ensure that your image file size is not more than 12kb.

I am a paying member, but do not have a username and password to update my listings. How do I get it without having to pay for membership again?

We have recently updated our website infrastructure to enable paid up members to be able to load and edit their own business listings. If you have not signed up as a member using the website, you will need to follow the following process to obtain a username and password with editing rights of your listing.

  1. Contact admin@mosselbaychamber.co.za to request a coupon code to use when you register as a member online.
  2. Once you have obtained your coupon code, click on “MY ACCOUNT” and then “Manage Listing”
  3. Click on “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” or click on this url: https://mosselbaychamber.co.za/price-table/
  4. Select the package that you have paid for.
  5. Enter your desired Username, Email address and Password, and click “SUBMIT”
  6. At the top of the page, select “Click Here To Enter Your Code”, and enter the coupon code supplied to you by admin@mosselbaychamber.co.za
  7. Click “Apply Coupon”
  8. Complete the billing details
  9. Click on “Sign up now”
  10. You are now a registered user. please send your selected username to website@mosselbaychamber.co.za in order to assign your business listing

Can more than one user manage a listing for our business?

No – only one user can be assigned editing rights to a listing. If another member of the company needs to update the listing, the listing “ownership” needs to be transferred.

I cannot remember my password.

You can reset your password if you have access to the email address under which your membership has been registered.

  1. Click on https://mosselbaychamber.co.za/my-account/
  2. Click on “Forgot Password”
  3. Enter your email address that you are registered with. You will receive a link in on that email address to reset your password. Please ensure that it is not caught by your spam filter.

If you still have problems, please send us an email with your contact number and business name to website@mosselbaychamber.co.za in order for us to assist.