Make Friends With Your Fear, and It Will Do Great Things for You

employee fear

Fear is the elephant in the office. Every founder, CEO and employee feels it. We fear failure, damaged reputations and even success. To top it off, we’re afraid to talk about our fears. Fear in itself isn’t bad, of course. In fact, it can be healthy and highly motivating. Fear makes us cautious about risky … Read more

5 Tips on How to Maintain a Relationship While Starting a Business

maintain a relationship

We are a rare breed. Our minds are constantly moving from business function to business function with little to no breaks in between. We treat our companies like our babies and we struggle to decouple our business success and failure from our personal happiness and sadness. Here are five tips on maintaining a relationship while juggling … Read more

Five fundamentals to grow your business in 2015

Last year was a challenging one for South African businesses and there are few signs that 2015 will be much easier. However, get the basics right and your business will be in a good position to survive and even thrive this year. Here are five fundamentals that can help you to succeed in growing your … Read more

5 things you should do right now to scale your new business

There’s nothing quite like starting a business from scratch. It is one of the most rewarding — and challenging — things you can do. After all, it requires putting everything on the line for an idea that may not resonate with the market, and there are plenty of potential missteps along the way. The risks … Read more