Golf Day with Investec

mosselbaai golf klub / mossel bay golf club

Congratulations to Gustav Steinhobel, Ulrich Steinhobel, Charles Taute and Francois Le Roux for winning first place at our Golf Day on the 2nd of October. We would also like to thank our sponsors that helped make this day possible: Main sponsor: Investec At Whalephin Guest House INDALU Game Reserve Viking Fishing – Anchor Restaurant Munro Manor … Read more

6 Tips on Getting Customer Feedback and Making It Actionable

All entrepreneurs know that customer insights are invaluable to product design and continued improvement. However, acquiring and organizing useful feedback is easier said than done and developing a strategy can be a daunting task. But it needs to be done. 1. Ask for it! It is essential to receive a ton of responses from users, … Read more