The Power of Body Language hosted by TigerKai

Our member meeting on the 29th of October was hosted by TigerKai and included some demonstrations.

TigerKai is offering members of the Mossel Bay Business Chamber one month of Krav Maga classes for FREE.

Below is a brief summary of the Power of Body Language that was discussed at the meeting:


  1. a)  Body Language and Crime

Studies show that criminals (and to an extent even workplace bullies) select their victims based on physical cues. Your posture, how aware you are of your environment and especially the way you walk, impacts on the likelihood of you becoming a victim of crime. For more information, follow the links to articles on this topic:

  1. b) Projecting Confidence

In order to achieve success in the business world, it’s important to project confidence – not only in your product/service, but also in yourself. But we don’t always feel confident – which is often reflected in our body language.  Four principles to remember in situations where it’s important to project confidence:

1) Stand tall and take up space: Keep your posture erect, your shoulders back and your head held high. Try to take up as much space as possible, without being arrogant.

2) Watch your hands: Public speakers who use their hands are seen as ‘more likeable and approachable’. Be careful, however, not to show anxiety with hand gestures like pen clicking; playing with your hair or cuticles; wringing your hands; or tapping your nails on the table.

3) Eye contact: It’s important to make eye contact with your whole audience. Stand in a way that doesn’t exclude anyone (‘point your belly button at them’).

4) Don’t create barriers: Even though it is very comfortable to stand or sit with crossed arms, it is better to rather ‘open up’ – especially when you meet someone for the first time.  Even the way you cross your legs can make a difference in the quality of your interaction with someone.

When you empower yourself with knowledge, you are in a better position to manage your own behaviour and optimize your interactions with others. This leads to greater success in your personal and professional life. Please contact Melissa Morton at Gap Leadership Development ( for more information on soft skills training and Life or Business coaching for yourself and or your business.