Brand South Africa (Brand SA) is hosting a forum in Hyde Park, in Johannesburg to tackle our global marketing strategy. This follows South Africa’s rating downgrades and our poor performance on the international competitiveness index.

Brand South Africa is engaging the private sector to develop our country’s global marketing strategy.

The event known as the Nation Brand Forum was last held a year ago.

Brand SA CEO, Dr. Kingsley Makhuela says there have been a lot of key developments since then.

“Since the last two years there have been many changes in our country we have had positive changes and of course the world has changed two years ago there was no Donald Trump now there’s a Trump who is very inward looking the tension on the Korean Peninsula was not there two years ago. We’re starting to see what political scientists would say is an arms race in anticipation of a war and that’s why when we do our evaluation and analysis this time around we are informed by these changes,” says Makhubela.

Makhubela went on to say the country needs to develop our nation’s brand to make it more attractive to foreign investors.

“Remember the World Economic Forum Competitive Index, it attracts a huge number of business people around the world, now with the results that we are having I mean we moved from number 11 on the financial systems to number 44 within a year. We need to go back to the drawing board and address the challenges related to that,” says Makhubela.