Introducing a customer-centred business strategy is not an overnight process. First and foremost, it’s one that requires buy-in from the C-suite with specific, focused and action-orientated objectives put in place. In addition, the value and relevance of the project need to be clearly outlined and communicated to stakeholders to encourage their support at the “launch” thereof and throughout the process of change.

The introduction of a strategy of this kind will unlock the need for change management. This is a key component of a successful shift in culture. Only once the strategy has been embraced internally, and the necessary tactics are in place externally, will change start to happen organically. If internal goals, metrics and accountability are misaligned, this will lead to conflict that counteracts customer-centred initiatives. A disconnect between departments will ultimately result in a disjointed experience for customers.

To avoid this, the entire process needs to be nurtured with a high level of input, focus, continuous management and objectivity.

The introduction of a customer-centred strategy includes the following:

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